Podcast and Patreon Consulting by Andrew Sims

My consultation service, Hypable Impact, specializes in two passion-fueled businesses:

1) Podcasting: I'll teach you how to record, edit, release, promote, and monetize like a pro -- No matter your technical experience level. Weekly podcast editing and release services are also available.

2) Patreon: If you have fans, I can help you maximize the chance of success on Patreon and bring in a new revenue stream.

Podcast Editing, Consulting

I've been producing, hosting, editing, and publishing podcasts every week since 2005. Want to create your own podcast and sound like a pro, or need podcast editing? I'll help you every step of the way, no matter your experience level. Learn more.


Patreon Consulting

I've been using Patreon to monetize podcasts since 2015. Collectively, the two Patreons I manage earn $120,000/year. Traditional internet advertising isn't as dependable as it once was -- Patreon is the best way to earn a steady income from your passion. Learn more.

How to make a podcast for free


From Consultations

The first time I met with Andrew for a consulting session he easily exceeded my expectations. He made a process I found daunting feel painless and straightforward.  His instructions and step-by-step podcast tutorials allowed me to take notes and glean a lot of information very quickly. I cannot thank him enough for how gracious he was with both his time and knowledge. - Austin W., Chicago, IL

“Andrew worked with me online, accepting all of my questions and giving me highly detailed answers. He explained everything and made it easy. He also provided me with links to resources and suggestions for software and hardware, and I couldn’t have gotten my podcast going as quickly and easily as I did without him. He has so much experience and knows the ins and outs of the world of podcasts and how to utilize Patreon in the best ways.” - Zach H., Vance, AL

From Colleagues

I’ve been working with Andrew on various podcasting and web-based endeavors for over a decade. There’s a reason I continue working with him - he’s dedicated, resourceful, and results-driven. As a partner, he’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to grow a project and keep its best interests at heart. - Laura T., Atlanta, GA

In the many years I've known Andrew, his passion and dedication for producing quality content that viewers enage with have been unsurpassed. He is a natural host for podcasts and has a truly innate feel for discussion flow and what makes podcasting work. His strategies for raising subscriptions on Patreon are also well-tested. For consulting on these things, Andrew is a sure bet! -Eric S., Chicago, IL

Why "Hypable Impact"?

I co-founded, an entertainment news and analysis website, in 2011. The site was in operation for 10 years, closing in 2021. The website worked with Movie/TV studios and book publishers to report on and analyze the latest stories shaking up fandom.

Hypable Impact is an extension of Hypable -- I've always been in the business of serving entertainment-focused communities.