Podcast Launch, Editing, and Management Consultations

If you need help launching, improving, or growing your own podcast, you've come to the right place! I've been podcasting since 2005, when I launched my first show in my childhood bedroom. Since then, I've launched numerous shows of my own, and have helped dozens of others record, edit, and monetize their podcasts.

Podcasts are a very popular for both creators and listeners for several reasons.

  1. You can listen to them anywhere
  2. They can be free of corporate overlords who control the message and give you dumb rules
  3. Podcasts can be loose, fun, and personal
  4. People can spread their passions to a wide audience in an easy, addicting, high-tech way

If you don't have any experience with starting or recording podcasts, launching a show can be a daunting task. I specialize in every part of podcasting, and I can edit your podcast for you.

My Podcasting Work

I've been podcasting weekly since 2005. With the help of my partners, I plan, host, edit, monetize, and publish two podcasts: MuggleCast and #Millennial. I am the lead host of these shows. Collectively they reach 70,000 listeners weekly and generate six-figure annual revenue.

Over the past few years I've developed a unique digital podcasting studio that allows me to record and live stream my podcasts while taking phone calls, playing music and sound effects, and interacting with listeners. All I need is a computer, an internet connection, and my beloved microphone. I've got every area of podcasting covered and can set you up with the same.

In addition to the above shows that I own, as of early 2023 I also edit for several other podcasts including: Politics and Media 101, Head Start, The On-Call Room, Human Values, Explain Like I'm 30, and Girls Next Level.

To hear examples of my work, browse the below samples. All but one of these podcasts are remotely recorded (Meaning recorded in separate homes). In my editing, I level, clean, and improve the sound to get to the point where it sounds like the panelists might be in the same room. The one exception here is when a guest is not using a good microphone, but I make every effort to improve their sound so it's still a great listening experience.

My longtime career in podcasting makes me uniquely capable of helping you in all areas of podcasting. We can meet about all podcast topics, including:

  • How to launch a podcast and get it into the various podcast directories
  • How to purchase and setup an ideal podcast recording environment (Without breaking the bank!)
  • Tips for editing and improving your podcast's sound quality
  • How to monetize your podcast, be it through advertising or crowdfunding
  • How to plan a podcast that will be interesting and engaging for listeners
  • How to promote your podcast so you can gain more listeners

Interested or have more questions? Contact me using the form below! My consulting rate is currently $100/hour, and we can meet over Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. The meeting can also be recorded so you can refer back to it later.

Not yet convinced? Continue down for testimonials.


Why can you trust me? Here's what listeners of my podcasts have to say about my production and editing work.

Any Andrew Sims podcast is my standard for a quality podcast.  The sound quality is always the best and it's expertly edited!” - Rachael, Ithica NY

“I'm here for the quality of the content, and I stick around because of the quality of the production.” - Kayla S., Little Rock AR

“I have listened to shows that Andrew has produced for a decade now and they are always high quality. Besides the content, that is the main reason why I keep listening. He has a passion for great sound and clean editing. Every episode is consistent with the next and you always know you will have a pleasant listening experience.” - Patrick F., Elkhorn WI

The level of production is unparalleled, and Andrew takes great care in ensuring the listeners have a high quality listen experience. “ - Vicki S., Toronto

“Millennial is definitely one of the more consistent in sound podcasts that I listen to - especially knowing that you’re not all in a studio together.” - Jessica W, Anchorage AK

“The quality of Millennial is as good as any non-corporate produced show I listen to (such as a show hosted by NPR or the New York Times). It's always very crisp and clear and very rarely are there audio issues.,” Angel B, Seattle

“I listen to a lot of other podcasts, and if I can say one thing for certain, the sound quality of the shows produced by this team has ruined me for some of those other shows. I sometimes have to skip entire episodes of other podcasts or even unsubscribe entirely because the sound quality and editing is simply not up to par with #Millennial. Come for the amazing content, stay for the incredible audio.” - Kelsey P, San Ramon CA

Let's Turn You Into A Podcasting Pro

If you have any questions or want to book a consultation, use the contact form below!