This Patreon Book Will Help You Launch Your Crowdfunding Platform

Last updated May 4, 2023 @ 12:47 pm

I have big news to share! In 2022 I launched my course "Building the Perfect Patreon" to help creators design an amazing Patreon that their fans would want to pledge to and remain happy with in the months and years ahead. Now, my course is an eBook!

My Patreon book "Building the Perfect Patreon" is available now in Kindle and PDF formats, and takes you through every step of the planning, launch, and management process. Updated for 2023 and beyond, the book includes every element of my 3-hour video course, including visuals and worksheets.

Purchase my Patreon Course Book:

I decided to turn the course into a book because there are lots of people out there who prefer reading over watching.

It's been very exciting watching people purchase my video course and launch their Patreons over the last year. Many of them also added a live call with me to their course purchase, and I've enjoyed meeting these creators and helping them further!

In "Building the Perfect Patreon," I explain who Patreon is right for, how to determine what your fans will want out of your Patreon and how much they'll be willing to pay, what the best rewards are, tips for keeping your supporters happy, how to balance the workload that comes with the benefits you'll be offering, and much more. In short, the course and eBook will set you up for success.

I am also happy to meet with creators one-on-one to discuss their Patreon and answer any questions they may have. The live-calls are available as an optional add-on when purchasing my online course (linked below).

Those who purchase my online video course also receive access to the PDF version of my eBook at no additional charge.