Give your fans what they want, get the money you deserve

Patreon Consultations

Creators have an amazing opportunity right now to receive monthly support from their fans. Patreon, and other crowd-funding platforms, lets creators make way more money than they do with display and video advertising. It's time to achieve creative freedom and put financial success into your own hands.

For many types of creators like podcasters and YouTubers, advertising and merchandise revenue aren't an effective longterm income solution. Ad rates are low and unpredictable, and asking your fans to buy merchandise directly from your brand only gets them to give you money once -- then possibly never again. With Patreon, you'll be receiving a steady income from your fans every month. In exchange for their support, creators will give their fans benefits they'll love.

But how do you select the best Patreon goals and rewards? How do you manage the money and build your Patreon for longterm success? And most importantly, how do you ensure your fans will sign up in the first place?

I can help you create the perfect Patreon by offering planning and management techniques that I've developed over the past few years. These are tried-and-tested methods being offered by someone who knows in the ins and outs of Patreon.

Why you can trust me

I've been podcasting since 2005. Thanks to Patreon, these podcasts have become my primary sources of income. You can do the same whether you're a podcaster, YouTuber, or any other type of online creator!

Launching a Patreon can work for any kind of show. I run two very different podcasts, and each has done great on Patreon. In addition, I work for other podcasts who have their own Patreon accounts.

My podcasts:

  1. MuggleCast (August 2005 - Present): With tens of thousands of listeners per episode, this show has established itself as one of the longest-running Harry Potter podcasts. We have over 1,000 Patrons, and the large majority of them are pledging $5 or more per month.
  2. #Millennial (January 2015 - Present): Thousands of listeners a week listen to me and my friends discuss the news, pop culture, and our own lives. #Millennial's Patreon has well over 700 Patrons, and like MuggleCast's, most are pledging $5 or more per month.
  3. Hype AM (September 2016 - September 2017): This was the smallest of my podcasts and one that ended due to scheduling conflicts. It existed entirely behind the Patreon paywall. It had 250 listeners/Patrons and $700 a month in revenue.

One podcast has been around for over a decade, one is a few years old, and a third was an intimate show that built a small but very loyal audience. No matter what type of show you have, it can be monetized with Patreon! I've learned how to create Patreons that fans will be excited to pledge to, and how to manage them successfully over the longterm.


Why do listeners support the Patreons that my friends and I manage?

“Consistency is key and there is a high level of it from you guys.” - Jessica W., Anchorage

“I always get the content promised! I have some pretty cool swag too.  On one of Andrew's other shows, when my swag arrived damaged, they even offered to replace it for free!” - Gigi D, Los Angeles

“The Patreon benefits always come through and are always exactly as promised.” - Courtney R, Vidalia

“Their consistency is a big reason I’ve stuck around.” - Genevieve H, San Francisco

“I receive reliable, regular content that never fails to entertain. I always trust that the Patreon is striving to provide the best content they can.” - Jodie B., Bristol, England

"The hosts have always been completely on top of the Patreon, and incredibly responsive when there have been issues. They are very communicative and transparent about the process so that listeners feel completely in the loop."  - Heather S., Normal, IL

“The After Dark content was just too good to keep missing, and I genuinely like all the hosts (as I've sort of 'known' them since I was 13). I want to see them successful - with a little bit of money in their pockets.” - Pauline M, Calgary Canada

Why trust Patreon?

Steady income

Unlike advertising or merchandise, Patreon lets your supporters pledge monthly in exchange for benefits. And they WILL! In fact, they want to. This is reliable income because they'll be charged the same amount every month. Steady income lets you have peace of mind that you'll continue to profit from  your passion. Advertising and merchandising isn't nearly as reliable.

And a higher income

Ad rates suck. Currently you might be making around $5 for every 1,000 views/listens. Instead, how about we make you $5 amount for every 1 viewer/listener? (Oh, and you can continue running ads.)

Happy fans, happy creator

Your fans are happy because they're getting more content from you. You're happy because you're making more money. It's a win/win.

Receiving support from fans is the smartest way to achieve creative and professional freedom

Recent reports have proven that there's only one solution for creators: Steady income via fan support. Ads and corporate ownership are unreliable ways to secure creative and professional freedom. Luckily for creators, Patreon makes it possible for fans and creators to respectively support and reward one another.

The proof of Patreon being a great solution is in the pudding: Fan support on Patreon is growing rapidly. As of 2021, creators are collectively earning over $100 million per month from 7 million Patrons (Source).

There've also been concerns about owning your own content. Don't sell rights to your creations so companies can do what they want with it. Instead, make revenue from your fans.

Let's change your life

In March 2022 I launched an online course all about planning, building, launching, and growing your own Patreon! The course is an info-packed 3 1/2-hour journey through the entire Patreon experience.

I highly recommend you purchase my online course because it's an all-encompassing education on how to build a Patreon. However, if you'd rather speak with me live for any reason, I'm happy to offer consulting sessions! My rate is $100/hour and consultations can be conducted over Zoom, phone, etc. I can also record the call if you wish so you can refer back to it later.

Consulting sessions can be great for those who need help with their existing Patreon, if you'd like to brainstorm Patreon benefits together, etc. I have more than 6 years in all areas of Patreon, so I'm confident I can assist you.