Patreon introduces WordPress plugin, allowing readers to pay for websites

Patreon has been great for creators whose business doesn’t necessarily exist on their own website. Most creators post content directly to Patreon.

But what if you’re a website who wants to receive pledges from those who visit the site they already know and love?

Until recently, if you wanted to put Patreon-exclusives on your website, you needed to have a great developer on your team who could link the platform and your site. Hypable used a simple API from Patreon to build our own features that would allow our site to know when someone was pledging to us. This took a LOT of time for us to build in the spring of this year.

It’s frustrating to think about, because Patreon just announced an official WordPress plugin (amongst other integrations) that lets anyone easily interlink Patreon with their website, which is why I’m making this blog post!

Patreon has announced an App Directory which offers up plenty of new Patreon possibilities. The WordPress integration is huge news, because it gives any WP-powered site the ability to receive funding from their visitors.

It’s tough right now to make revenue via standard advertising, so Patreon is a great opportunity for publishers. With Patreon, you can ask your readers to pay $X/month for all or parts of your site.

Patreon WordPress plugin

There are two plugins available for those who want to connect Patreon with WordPress. The first one is the platform’s basic integration. There’s also a premium plugin from a third party called Patron Plugin Pro, which costs $30, that’ll give you extra abilities.

Hypable launched a Patreon in the spring of 2017. It hasn’t been as big of a success as my other Patreon projects, but it’s been nice to give our Patrons an ad-free website, exclusive content, and a special website design. While it’s frustrating to see WordPress get its own plugin, I’m proud of Hypable’s unique Patreon integration because it offers unique features that the plugin can’t, like the aforementioned ad-free site and a special design.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can add Patreon to your website, feel free to contact me. I have experience with Patreon on websites and can consult you on everything from planning, building, and launching!