Podcasting Press editing review: Not the best

Hiring a podcast editor might be an important part of your plan to launch a show. If you’re considering Podcasting Press, look elsewhere.

Podcasting Press review

Last year MuggleCast hired Podcasting Press for a six-month term. We committed to a long-term agreement to get a discount, after receiving one well done edit for free. In the end, I wasn’t thrilled with the results for a variety of reasons.

On more than one occasion there were bizarre issues going on with individual audio tracks. There was more than one week when a person’s audio sounded distorted or too loud. Making matters worse, there were two weeks in which I had to send the show back to them two times (in addition to the original edit!). The editors do not seem to understand what a show needs to sound like before it is released.

Another problem was that they did not take out mistakes (even when we asked them to). There were at least five episodes in which there were clear editing errors — where different parts of the show would be placed over top other parts of the show.

Podcasting Press was helpful on occasions when our guests had audio issues like background noise or feedback coming through their mic. They were also able to edit for us on weekends, when they don’t typically work on shows. Still, these benefits did not outweigh the problems.

I take no pleasure in writing a negative review about a podcasting editing service, but I also don’t want people signing up for Podcasting Press and thinking they’re going to take the stress out of editing. Podcasting Press’ sub par work requires you to listen back to your show before it is released, to make sure the editor didn’t screw up. What’s the point in getting someone else to edit it if you’re still going to have to make sure it sounds good and doesn’t need further edits?

We ended up bringing the editing work for MuggleCast back in-house (my co-host edits the show). I still edit my other podcast #Millennial. I unfortunately cannot recommend any particular editing service based on personal experience, but there are others out there like ResonateRecordings.com that you should look into. Alternatively, you can learn how to edit yourself. I’d be happy to teach you how to do it!