Introducing my new online course, Building the Perfect Patreon!

There are a handful of things I am absolutely confident in: My ability to beat you in Mario Kart, my podcast work, and my expertise in successfully launching and growing Patreons. It’s that last thing that I’m very excited to announce I have built a complete online course for called Building the Perfect Patreon!

For the last year I’ve been working with an instructional designer out of Rutgers University, Channell Walker, to build a 3 1/2-hour course on how to plan, build, launch, grow, and maintain a Patreon. This thing is the real deal when it comes to an educational experience — all original videos, worksheets, quizzes, templates, written guides, and more. It’s born out of two very successful Patreons that me and my fellow co-hosts have been running for seven years, dozens of consulting sessions I’ve held with other creators, two other Patreons from my past, and my ongoing experience with our own supporters.

One thing I learned when I started consulting on Patreon is that there are a lot of questions, concerns, and fears when it comes to taking a leap of faith with a crowdfunding platform like this. This course gives creators the direction and confidence they need to build and run a successful Patreon that THEIR fans will actually pledge to. Creators will also learn how to manage the extra work that comes with a Patreon, and everything they need to be prepared for in the months and years ahead (#churn).

It has been SO fun applying my passion and experience to a new medium. With this course I have also launched a new Instagram where I will be continuing to share Patreon/crowdfunding tips: @AndrewOnPatreon – follow if you’re curious what we creators are doing with Patreon!

Thanks again to Channell for helping me build a detailed, effective, fantastic course, as well as others who have helped along the way: Pat, Justin, Tawny, and Annie. Lastly and most importantly of all, thank you to the listeners of the podcasts who’ve pledged to our Patreons over the years and taught us about this powerful way for creators to fund their passions. I’m a Patreon fanboy and I look forward to helping creators of all kinds in the years ahead.

Learn more about my online Patreon course.